RBC Publications


90046       The Art of Band Directing (Proven Methods of Success) [Jim Childers]  $20.00

                    A common sense approach to building, developing, and sustaining a successful school band program.

90040        The Band Examination Series [Ron Stoneback]   $79.95

            A collection of test examinations fir use in teaching instrumental music.

90044       His Name Was Percy Grainger [Leroy Osmon]  $15.95

             A Program Guide for the Band Works of Percy Aldridge Grainger. This new program guide contains detailed program notes for Grainger's concert band works. A unique feature of the program notes is the inclusion of the words (as well as a wealth of historical background) to all the folk-songs which Grainger used in his compositions. The guide also contains many of Grainger's letters to friends and colleagues.

90041       Music Teachers Notebook [Ron Stoneback]     $24.95

            A collection of forms for band, orchestra and choral teachers to use in managing daily/yearly planning, student portfolio systems and classroom/program organization. 

90043       Trumpet Problems Exemplified [Joseph Bellamah]     $20.00

90020       Tuning the Band and Raising Pitch Consciousness [James Jurrens]     $19.95
            A practical resource guide for the band director. Contains tuning sheets for all band instruments, with tuning tendencies and practical solutions to common tuning and balance problems. 48 pages


edited by Randall Gauthier and Mark Koehl

A must for every band student! These scale sheets contain all the major scales in one and two octave formats plus the chromatic scale. All scale sheets are available separately. The Value Pak contains one of each scale sheet. (Published separately $40.00 Value Pak price $32.00 a 20% savings!)

MAJOR SCALES   $2.50 each

60150   Flute
60151   Oboe
60152   Bassoon
60153   Clarinet
60154   Alto Clarinet
60155   Bass Clarinet
60156   Alto Sax

60157   Tenor Sax
60158   Bari Sax
60159   Trumpet/Cornet
60160   F Horn
60161   Trombone
60162   Euphonium TC
60163   Euphonium BC
60164   Tuba
60165   Mallet Percussion
60166   Value Pak  $32.00

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