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  Easy (Grade 0.5 - 2)


Sugar Plum Reggae - Ryan Fraley. Ever wonder what The Nutcracker would have been like had Tchaikovsky had a vacation home in Jamaica? This musical mash up will answer that very question! Drawing from Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairyas well as the traditional Jamaican tune Sweet Sugar Plum, this fun Reggae chart lets your percussion section shine in a fun and colorful atmosphere. Set up your lounge chair and enjoy! Grade 1.5 (B1521) $40.00

Hark! - William Owens.  Open your holiday concert with this spectacular overture based on several beloved and timeless carols. Using themes from O Come All Ye Faithful, Angels We Have Heard on High, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing, and even a delightful hint ofThe Twelve Days of Christmas, this overture is sure to make a powerful and cheerful statement! Grade 1 (B1518) $40.00

Holiday Chips and Salsa - Mike Story/Robert W. Smith.  "Here We Come A-Wassailing" in a medium Latin beat. This charming arrangement permits your percussion section to set the groove and is scored to be approachable after only a few months of instruction. What’s not to like for your first holiday program? Grade 1 (38325) $50.00

Saxes We Have Heard on High - Mike Story. Your beginning saxes lead the way. Craftily scored by Michael Story, there are only two divis for your alto saxophones supporting their feature holiday presentation. Remove the angels and replace them with your saxes. This is a charismatic new setting of the cherished French carol. What better way to herald in the holidays?  Grade 1 (38304) $50.00

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - Jack Bullock. Guiding that sleigh with the bearded driver, also in a red suit, this mystical animal makes the song classic every year. This solid arrangement also offers superb teaching opportunities to introduce or reinforce the concepts of dal segno and coda along with a couple altered tones. It’s time to celebrate! Grade 1 (38317) $55.00

Christmas in England - Mike Story.  Mike Story has chosen two very well known traditional English holiday melodies are the basis for this arrangement. We hear "What Child Is This?" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in tandem as a salute to our friends across the Atlantic Ocean. Grade 1 (BD01023) $50.00

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Paul Murtha.  This famous duet from the 1940s has been recorded by countless artists over the years, and was featured in the hit movie Elf starring Will Ferrell. Here is a terrific-sounding arrangement for young players. Grade 1.5 (08725280) $35.00

The Cherry Tree Carol - Johnnie Vinson. Using this traditional English folk song as a basis and intertwining an original secondary theme, Johnnie Vinson has created this very appealing and fresh-sounding setting for the holidays. With interesting parts for all instruments, this is one your band is sure to enjoy playing. Grade 1.5 (04003258) $35.00

Happy Xmas (War is Over) - Michael Brown.  Originally recorded by John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1971, this familiar anthem has remained a holiday favorite and since been recorded by a variety of artists. Tuneful and easy to play, this is sure to make an appealing addition to your next holiday concert. Grade 2 (04003248) $40.00

Christmas at the Movies - John Moss. Some of the best holiday music over the years has come from movie soundtracks. This unique and entertaining medley includes: The Polar Express, Somewhere in My Memory (from Home Alone) and Overture from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sure to liven up any holiday concert! Grade 2 (08725110) $50.00

First Carols of Christmas - Joseph Compello.  Let your beginning band shine with a delightful new arrangement for your next holiday concert , featuring popular tunes Up on the Housetop and O Come Little Children. All sections of the band share important melodic material, including the low brass and woodwinds,who begin the piece! Inspire all of your students with this arrangement. Grade 1 (BPS70) $45.00

Sweet Little Manger Child - Larry Clark.  This subtle, yet tasteful arrangement for the holiday season includes the African-American styled piece Sweet Little Jesus Boy by Robert MacGimsey paired with the traditional Away in a Manger. Larry Clark continues to find creative ways to merge two popular Christmas favorites and make it seem as if they were always meant to be seamlessly combined. This is the mark of a great composer/arranger. We know you and your students will enjoy this stunning arrangement. Grade 2 (YPS118) $60.00

Swingin' Santa - Carl Strommen.  Get your young band students swinging this year with a fun Christmas piece based on the ever-popular “Up On The Housetop.” Drawing from his jazz background, Carl Strommen delivers an arrangement that is unique and authentic to the idiom, but within the technical capabilities of the intermediate student. Oh what fun it will be to ride this sleigh – Ho, ho ho! Grade 2 (YPS111) $60.00

Angels on Parade - Carl Strommen.  For very beginning students, Carl Strommen gives us a new arrangement of a popular Christmas carol in march style, making it sound as if angels are marching down the street in a parade. This well-scored arrangement will play very easily for young students while sounding full and strong Take a serious look at this for your next holiday concert. Grade .5 (PPS9) $45.00

Good King Nutcracker - Mike Story.  "Good King Nutcracker" is based on the popular holiday carol "Good King Wenceslas," set in four variations mimicking the style and setting of four scenes from Tchaikovsky's ballet, The Nutcracker.Have all your holiday bases covered with this creative and inspiring work. Grade 2 (38340) $60.00

A Canadian Christmas - Vince Gassi.  Get ready for an abundance of merriment! This work features carols that have been traditionally sung in Canada for many years and will help to create a spirit of mirth in no time. It opens with the joyous strains of "Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant (He is Born, The Divine Child)" and continues with the plaintive and modal "Noël Nouvelet (Sing We Now of Christmas)." "The Huron Carol ('Twas In the Moon of Wintertime)" is then presented with remnants of "Noël Nouvelet" cleverly woven in. The dramatic conclusion develops brief dialogue between "Good King Wenceslas" and "Il Est Né Le Divin Enfant" that brings the work to an exuberant and powerful close. Juxtaposing the lyrical and expressive with the joyous and cheerful in this masterful arrangement will add a little touch of Canada to your next holiday concert. Grade 2 (38341) $60.00

Jingle Bell Gallop - Douglas E. Wagner.  "Jingle Bells" like you’ve never heard it before. A fast and furious gallop-style rendition will usher you and all of Santa’s elves into the holiday season with gusto. A driving holiday treat that’ll bring joy and jingles "All the way!" Grade 2 (38331) $60.00

Gesu Bambino - Jack Bullock.  This charming Italian carol will not only be well received on any holiday program, but also reinforce triple-meter and DS al Coda form, phrasing, and ensemble balance. An endearing musical choice! Grade 2 (38322) $60.00

From the Realms of Glory! - Patrick Roszell.  Written as a quasi-fanfare to open your holiday concert or as a bold conclusion, this arrangement intertwines three popular holiday carols to uplift and entertain students and audience alike. Ring in the holiday season with this dynamic holiday fanfare! Grade 2 (38330) $55.00

American Bell Carol - Robert W. Smith.  Robert W. Smith's extremely popular series based on the Ukrainian Bell Carol continues with this setting in an American style. Beginning with a Sousa quote, our "American Bell Carol" continues with a driving rock groove. Mr. Smith has cleverly woven the melody to "America The Beautiful" into the second statement providing a very unique teaching opportunity. Written for middle school to community bands, this will be a favorite for years to come! Grade 2.5 (011415200) $50.00

A Christmas Rose - John Wasson. "A Christmas Rose" is a setting of "Lo, How A Rose E'er Blooming,' a German Christmas hymn by Michael Praetorius, originally written in 1599. This dramatic setting gives young musicians an opportunity to play lyrically and with expressive dynamics. As various families of instruments in the band are featured, every player has an opportunity for rich and lyrical playing. This work will provide an intimate musical portrait in your holiday concert. Grade 1.5 (024407800) $46.00

Colors of Christmas - Robert W. Smith.  Featuring a number of standard holiday favorites, Robert W. Smith's "Colors of Christmas" provides a grand musical experience for the beginning band and their first holiday audience! Using only the first six notes introduced in most band methods, each section of the band is featured melodically. Scored for success and audience impact, this new overture for the holiday season will be a favorite on your concert for years to come! Grade .5 (023408300) $42.00

The Gift of Christmas - James Swearingen.  There is no greater gift around the holiday season than the wonderful joy of traditional Christmas carols. All three of these popular selections capture the spirit and true meaning of what Christmas is all about during this very special time of the year. Band directors will discover how accessible the music is to prepare, while students will simply enjoy the fun that it takes to perform this new and exciting work. Merry Christmas! Grade 2 (011414900) $50.00

The Twelve Songs of Christmas - David Shaffer.  Why play 2 or 3 holiday tunes in a Christmas concert when you can play 12 in 2 minutes! Written as a parody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," David Shaffer has cleverly woven twelve holiday classics into a fun-filled medley with lots of surprises for your audience. You can even play a name-that-tune game with your audiences. Easy to prepare and fun to perform, this will be the hit of your holiday concert. Grade 2 (024408700) $48.00

Rocking Carol - Jay Dawson.  Jay Dawson's setting of this traditional Czech Christmas carol is a sparkling little gem. It's cute, lively, rhythmic, a joy to play and provides a special moment of magical intrigue! Grade 2 (00110591) $75.00


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Medium (Grade 3)

Jolly Old St. Nick/Jingle Bells - Jay Bocook. Based on the quintet arrangements of the Canadian Brass from their CD/DVD “A Christmas Experiment”, here is a real holiday treat for concert band. In a style reminiscent of P.D.Q. Bach and Spike Jones, this masterful setting touches on an unlikely blend of musical styles and moods. This entertaining medley is sure to liven up any Winter concert! Grade 3 (08724034) $60.00

Toy Trumpet (Trumpet Solo and Section Feature) - Robert Longfield. Composer Raymond Scott is known for compositions that were adapted for the classic Looney Tunes cartoons. One of his signature tunes, “The Toy Trumpet,” was famously sung by Shirley Temple in the 1938 film Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, and versions by The Boston Pops and Al Hirt are classics. Perfect for a holiday concert or any “pops” event, this lighthearted arrangement featuring trumpet solo and section is sure to be enjoyed by all. Grade 3 (04001327) $50.00

Grown-Up Christmas List (with optional Vocal Solo) - Michael Brown. Though originally recorded by David Foster with Natalie Cole, the 1992 version by Amy Grant is largely responsible for this song's continued popularity. This inspiring ballad will add a special lift to any holiday concert, and Michael's great-sounding arrangement can be performed effectively with or without a vocal soloist. Grade 3 (04001331) $50.00

A Gleeful Christmas - Sean O'Loughlin. Showcasing holiday highlights from the hit TV series Glee, here is an attractive medley of favorites in the distinctive settings featured on the show. Includes: Deck the Rooftop; Merry Christmas, Darling; Jingle Bells; Baby It's Cold Outside; Angels We Have Heard on High. Grade 3 (04003244) $60.00

Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! - Paul Lavender. One of the all-time favorite holiday tunes, here is a festive and well-scored arrangement for band by Paul Lavender. Brighten up any winter concert with this familiar classic. Grade 3 (25912040) $50.00

It Came Upon a Coventry Carol - Bill Calhoun.  Composer Bill Calhoun combines two popular Christmas carols into one sophisticated concert-style piece. It is bold and serious, containing shifting modalities and moves effortlessly from major to minor, and back again, many times throughout this effective setting. If you want to play something stunning and unexpected for your next holiday concert, then this is one that deserves serious consideration. Grade 3 (CPS124) $80.00

A Classic Christmas - Douglas E. Wagner. A cherished holiday medley containing three Baroque holiday masterworks woven together in this festive musical celebration of the season. Building on the work of Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel, Douglas Wagner’s arrangement has been scored to work alone as a concert band work, or to include a variety of choral voicings and/or the optional string orchestra set. A dramatic holiday program work to showcase your entire music department!  Grade 3 (38357) $70.00

Jubellation - Douglas E. Wagner.  "Jubellation" is a soulful and unique arrangement based on Mykola Leontovich’s "Ukrainian Bell Carol." Originally performed in 1916, this creative arrangement takes full advantage of your mallet section. Grade 3 (38364) $70.00

Holiday Collage - Gary Parks.  Here is a perfect cleverly arranged center piece for your holiday concert. It features the 6/8 “Over the River and Through the Woods” and “Jingle Bells” in a clever mix, with quotes from “Deck the Halls” and “O Tannenbaum”. Treat your band to this superb arrangement that is a joy to play and listen to! Grade 3 (GMM292) $70.00

What Child is This? - Jack Bullock.  Written in 1865, this cherished holiday classic is scored for the contemporary concert band. Ample cuing of the melodic lines makes this arrangement extremely accessible. The flowing melody is interrupted by a bold fanfare and builds to a dramatic conclusion. The perfect choice to greet the season! Grade 3.5 (2464WB1X) $60.00

Ding! Dong! Merrily on High - James D. Ployhar. This tuneful French Christmas carol has retained popularity from year to year. This charming arrangement captures the melodic excitement that makes this theme so popular with carolers each holiday season. Chimes play a prominent part in this setting along with chime-like effects in the woodwinds and brass. We hope this delightful carol will help you capture the mood and spirit of the holiday season. Grade 2.5 (BD00797) $60.00

Twas in the Moon of Wintertime - Robert W. Smith.  "Twas in the Moon of Wintertime" is a traditional Canadian carol which was originally written in the Huron Indian language by a Jesuit missionary. Robert W. Smith captures the mystique of the native Indian culture, and voices the percussion to be as 'ethnically' accurate as possible. This is pure Robert W. Smith scoring. Haunting! Grade 4 (BD9580) $75.00

Away In a Manger - Robert W.Smith.  The classic beauty of this holiday favorite has been recaptured in this new setting by Robert W. Smith. Beginning with a fanfare, the arrangement continues through a series of flowing lyrical statements that provide both wonderful musical moments and invaluable teaching opportunities. Grade 3 (012414800) $68.00

Christmas Can-Can - Larry Neeck. In this humorous and light-hearted romp, this famous melody is paired with Jingle Bells, a few other Christmas carols, and other well-known musical quotes. The variety of settings allows all sections of your band to shine, and the grand finale will bring down the house. A clever twist to a well-known theme, "Christmas Can-Can" is a real crowd-pleaser for your next holiday concert. Grade 3 (012414000) $65.00

Christmas is Coming! - Rob Romeyn.  Look no further for the perfect opening to your holiday concert. Using the old English carol as the focus of the work, Rob Romeyn has crafted a festive and upbeat holiday opener using musical fragments from popular carols creating a "musical buffet" of holiday cheer. The fun, swingin' middle section of "Up On The Housetop" provides a great contrast to the joyful beginning and ending of the piece, all while being very playable. Let the holiday season begin! Grade 3 (012410700) $65.00

'Twas the Night Before - David Shaffer. With a fanfare emphasis on the brass and percussion section, David Shaffer has cleverly woven 4 classic Christmas tunes into a high-energy medley of pure enjoyment for your students and your audiences. Perfect for an opening holiday fanfare or a dramatic closer to your program, the optional antiphonal brass will make this arrangement a sure hit for your holiday program. Grade 3 (012410600) $68.00

All I Want for Christmas is You - Larry Kerchner.  Mariah Carey's up-tempo Christmas love song is ever present during the holiday season and its continued popularity has made it a worthy addition to the “holiday canon.” Larry Kerchner's hip, swing version is sheer fun and the upbeat tempo provides a great programming change up. Grade 3 (00110587) $65.00

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Advanced (Grade 4 - 5)


A Calypso Christmas - Calvin Custer.  Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano), Brazilian Sleighbells (Percy Faith), and the always popular Silver Bells are cleverly combined in a calypso/Latin style that gives this medley a great new twist for a holiday concert. And of course, it has plenty of percussion effects to feature. Grade 4 (04000530) $70.00

A Christmas Spectacular - Chris Sharp.  Designed as a companion (or alternative) to Leroy Anderson's enduring favorite, this spectacular medley features popular carols not found in the Anderson arrangement. A wealth of styles includes fanfares, lyrical melodies, marches, swing, Latin and more! Featuring 11 carols as well as hints from others, this is an incredible highlight for your winter program! Grade 4 (B1510) $85.00

Country Cookin' Christmas - Jeff Simmons.Jeff Simmons does a masterful job in surrounding traditional Christmas melodies with an atmosphere of country-styled sounds and effects that prove to be truly genuine to the country and bluegrass genre. Full of fun and interesting twists, it's a night at the "Opry" that you will not want to miss.  Grade 4 (00110589) $75.00


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Hanukah Music

Celebrating Chanukah - arr. Sandy Feldstein. Three popular Chanukah melodies including the delightful Dreydl Song are the basis of this clever holiday medley. Grade 1 (BPS10)  $40.00

A Chanukah Celebration - Bobrowitz/Soper. Grade 4 (JB28)  $70.00

Chanukah Celebration - Feldstein. Grade 1.5 (1912) $35.00

A Chanukah Festival - O'Reilly. Grade 1 (12985)  $42.00

Chanukah Is Here - Custer. Grade 4 (C0289B1X)  $60.00

Chanukah: The Festival of Lights - Bobrowitz. Grade 2 (YBS92)  $55.00

Chanukah O Chanukah - Feldstein. Grade 1.5 (3425)  $38.00

Chanukah Triptych - Rizzo. Grade 2 (1212)  $35.00

The Eighth Candle - Steve Reisteter. Eluding to the story of Hanukkah, this work begins with an extended hymn-like section before breaking into an exciting dance of celebration. A substantial work with great audience appeal.   Grade 5 (C220)  $85.00

Hanukkah Celebration - Carmine Pastore. Grade 1 (44003841)  $39.00

Hanukkah Dance - Stephen Bulla.  This amusing arrangement of an authentic Hanukkah song will delight your audience.  Stephen Bulla has meticulously stayed within the capabilities of this level group while keeping the music fun and surprising.  Grade 2 (44006898)  $52.00

A Hanukkah Festival - Chris Bernotas.  A Hanukkah Festival is a medley of three traditional Hanukkah songs, “Sevivon,” “Maoz Tzur,” and “Hanukkah.” “Sevivon” has a dramatic melody and is written with a variety of accompaniment leading to a brief, but impressive, clarinet cadenza that leads into “Maoz Tzur.” This traditional piece is scored with full, rich voicings along with the beautiful melody. “Hanukkah” is the festival of lights and the last section of the piece. It is a bright playful march with an exciting conclusion. Grade 3.5 (36708) $72.00

The Hanukkah Gift - Leroy Osmon. Grade 2. (10096)  $45.00

Hanukkah Holiday - Marshall. Grade 2 (04001523)  $40.00

Hanukkah Holiday - Washburn. Grade 3 (BD9664)  $45.00

Hanukkah O Hanukkah - Rudin. Grade 2 (NE100127)  $40.00

The Hanukkah Song - Sweeney. Grade 1 (00860928)  $35.00

Holiday Magic - arr. John O'Reilly. Celebrate the holidays with this sparkling medley designed for first year bands. Hanukah O Hanukah is combined with Jolly Old St. Nicholas and Dreydl Dreydl in an easy yet effective arrangement you'll use year after year at your holiday concert. Grade 1 (19504)  $40.00

Rhapsody for Hannukah - Stephen Bulla. A rhapsody of traditional Hanukkah songs, including Raisins and Almonds, the Dreidel Song and The Eight Days of Hannukkah.  Grade 5 (44000004)  $94.00

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