The following selections feature works chosen for regional orchestra sightreading contests by the University Interscholastic League in Texas.

String Orchestra Level I

1C     1C NV/2C NV/3C NV/1B NV/2B NV     1A NV/2A NV

ECM008Country Road (2014)Para$30.00
ZM001Steadfast Valor (2013)Zamora$40.00
ECM005Redwood Path (2012)Nickson$30.00
MSBSOCatch the Wave (2011)Fisher    * out of print * 
ECM004Sky Forest Trail (2010)Lee$30.00
40814Mountain Trails (2009)Ewing$44.00
00864075Majestic March (2008)Lavender$30.00
40803Caper (2007)Ewing$44.00
40802Blue and Gold (2006)Ewing$44.00
SO93CDance in DStephan$32.00
GSO35CMarch HeroicDel Borgo$48.00
40813Monday's MarchEwing$44.00
40818See Saw Ewing$44.00

String Orchestra Level II

2C/1B/1A/2A     3B NV/4A NV

ZM004Echoes of Truth (2014)Zamora$40.00
ZM002Skipping Stones (2013)Zamora$40.00
ECM006Bow Tie Blues (2012)Bailey$30.00
SO201Red Rock Ramble (2011)Fisher    * out of print * 
03773410At the Farm (2010)Blanco$35.00
ECM001Sunway Serenade (2009)Lee$30.00
51250705Sunshine in G (2008)Siennicki$30.00
40806Chance Meeting (2007)Ewing$46.00
03773410At the Farm (2006)Blanco$35.00
EPS21Arcade Ewing$44.00
SO109CClassic ContoursFrost$35.00
8213Classic SinfoniaDel Borgo$42.00
BAS6Entry of the TumblersDel Borgo$40.00
40808Evening SunEwing$44.00
SO89002Snow CanyonFrost$30.00

String Orchestra Level III

3C/2B/3A     5A NV

ECM009Antelope Creek (2014)Lee$30.00
ECM007Kelliwood Caper (2013)Nickson$30.00
SO87005Sunshine in G (2012)Siennicki$30.00
TRN2007OW2Integrity March (2011)Owens$40.00
BAS19Noble Dance (2010)O'Loughlin$40.00
408185Procession (2009)Ewing$44.00
20250014Dancing Bows (2008)Siennicki$42.00
KEN8246Curly Ques (2007)Niehaus    * out of print * 
SO89001Round Robin (2006)Chase$30.00
18284 Folk FestivalO'Reilly$42.00
BAS19Noble DanceO'Louglin$40.00
130226900Pulling StringsNiehaus$40.00
16827Renaissance SuiteLeidig$60.00
130233600Rondo for StringsNiehuas$40.00
51250705Sunshine in GSiennicki$30.00
TRN9524Sunset HillsNiehaus$40.00
8848Wexford CircleDel Borgo$42.00

String Orchestra Level IV

3B/4A     6A NV

52250364Scotney Hall (2014)Hinds$40.00
52250368As Evening Falls (2013)Svendsen$40.00
SO168CPrairie Trail (2012)Bishop$35.00
24936Blue Heron (2011)Siennicki$42.00
TRN201000Meadowbrook Melody (2010)Bailey$40.00
250408Ridgepoint Overture (2009)Hinds$45.00
BAS37Magma (2008)Clark$40.00
24936Blue Heron (2007)Siennicki$42.00
SO216CGrand Fanfare & Processional (2006)Frost$38.00
LS001Ceremonial MarchKerkorian$30.00
40812March BreezeEwing$44.00
SO00006Millennial MarchStephan$30.00
16827Renaissance SuiteLeidig$60.00
TRN200308Skywalker ScenesNiehaus$50.00
TRN200425The Social ClubNiehaus$45.00
TRN9716String EssayNiehaus$40.00

String Orchestra Level V


ZM005Vintage Fields (2014)Zamora$40.00
SO87004Emigration Trail (2013)Frost$30.00
250499Butterflies On the Breeze (2012)Svendsen$40.00
TRN200323The Spiral Staircase (2011)Niehaus$45.00
20567Evening in Salzburg (2010)Siennicki$42.00
FAS21Character (2009)Clark$40.00
TRN2007LN1Mixed Emotions (2008)Niehaus$45.00
FAS36Sunburst (2007)Silva$47.00
03773696Meadow (2006)Blanco$30.00
20278Elegy and DanceMeyer$42.00
SO121CLittle SymphonyNunez$45.00
40815Procession Ewing$44.00
3033061Rumplestilskin's DanceHalen    * out of print * 
TRN200015String AlongNiehaus$40.00
TRN9906String ThingNiehaus$40.00
20250690Walden, Ballad for StringsSiennicki$45.00

String Orchestra Level VI


SDM006Prairie Country Dance (2014)Blanco$40.00
ZM003An Epic Statement (2013)Zamora$40.00
20250690Walden, Ballad for Strings (2012)Siennicki$45.00
31618Midnight on the Water (2011)Bratt$45.00
SDM004Two Irish Tunes (2010)Blanco$40.00
26564Andantino and March (2009)Elgar/Dabczynski$42.00
20278Elegy & Dance (2008)Meyer$42.00
23332Scherzando (2007)Siennicki$42.00
TRN200331Gainsborough Overture (2006)Niehaus$45.00
11640020Ballet Music fr Les Petits RiensMozart/Gordon$25.00
TRN200321Blue Stone TrailNiehaus$50.00
Q442013Emerald PointMcGinty$38.00
TRN200244Greenmeadow SketchNiehaus$50.00
12799Menuet fr Sym 31Haydn/Siennicki$35.00
20250483Outer Space SuiteDavis$50.00
3032211Rhineland Musical ScenesHalen$40.00
40820Ride AlongEwing$44.00
SO116CStar WarriorsKeuning$35.00
18299Three Scenes fr Green ValleyHarbinson$55.00

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Full Orchestra Level I


40062Early March (2014)Richards$50.00
TRN200239Marina Islands (2013)Niehaus$50.00
35914Sword Dance (2012)Phillips$50.00
TRN200239Marina Islands (2011)Niehaus$50.00
 Grand Praire (2010)(Unpublished) 
D209Indian Chant & Dance (2009)Leidig/Niehaus$45.00
 Calypso Strings (2008)Martin/Pizzuto    * out of print * 
CARF10Bourree (2006)Hasse/Carlin    * out of print * 
F7Antique ParadeTelemann/Christensen    * out of print * 
TRN200239Marina IslandsNiehaus$50.00

Full Orchestra Level II


TRN9718Hillside Portrait (2014)Niehaus$45.00
TRN200412Majestic Moments (2013)Niehaus$50.00
40098Concert March (2012)Purcell/Leidig$48.00
TRN9918Dance of Joy (2011)Niehaus$45.00
TRN9718Hillside Portrait (2010)Niehaus$45.00
TRN2004MMomentos from the Past (2009)Niehaus$50.00
CARF10Bourree (2008)Hasse/Carlin    * out of print * 
TRN9718Hillside Portrait (2007)Niehaus$45.00
TRN9918Dance of Joy (2006)Niehaus$45.00
TRN200213Avalon Bay Niehaus$45.00
F7Antique ParadeTelemann/Christensen    * out of print * 
40098Concert MarchPurcell/Leidig$48.00
TRN9718Hillside PortraitNiehaus$45.00
TRN200412Majestic MomentsNiehaus$50.00

Full Orchestra Level III

3C/2B/3A   5A NV

TRN2004MMomentos from the Past (2014)Niehaus$50.00
B1516Fanfare and Fireworks (2013)Balmages$50.00
40099Sinfonia and Galliard (Galliard only) (2012)Banchier/Kohut$48.00
D201Pastorale and Hymn (2011)Leidig/Niehaus$50.00
TRN9918Dance of Joy (2010)Niehaus$45.00
TRN200239Marina Islands (2009)Niehaus$50.00
F7Antique Parade (2008)Telemann/Christensen    * out of print * 
CARF40March from Occasional Oratorio (2007)Handel/Christensen    * out of print * 
TRN2004MMomentos from the Past (2006)Niehaus$50.00
F43Minuet in GHandel/Wilson    * out of print * 
TRN200004The Oaks OvertureNiehaus$40.00
TRN200314Russian FantasyNiehaus$50.00

Full Orchestra Level IV

3B/4A     6A NV

TRN200004The Oaks Overture (2014)Niehaus$40.00
D201Fanfare and Hymn (2013)Niehaus/Leidig$50.00
40099Sinfonia and Galliard (2012)Banchier/Kohut$48.00
D215Two Moods of Brahms (2011)Leidig/Niehaus$45.00
EPS51As an Eagle Stirs (2010)Ewing/Blanco$45.00
TRN200412Majestic Moments (2009)Niehaus$50.00
TRN200213Avalon Bay (2008)Niehaus$45.00
TRN200239Marina Islands (2007)Niehaus$50.00
TRN200110In a Stately Manor (2006)Niehaus$45.00
TRN200315Knightsbury ArmsNiehaus$55.00
17367March PreludeCharpentier/Leidig$55.00
F70Mendelssohn's 2nd Piano Concerto ThemesWilson    * out of print * 
BFO9910The Sound and the FurySmith$50.00
10200077Two Handel MarchesHandel/Isaac$50.00

Full Orchestra Level V


TRN200111Carmel By the Sea (2014)Niehaus$50.00
38412Rigaudon (2013)Purcell/Phillips$50.00
35913Prince of Denmark's March (2012)Clarke/Phillips$50.00
BFO9910The Sound & the Fury (2011)Smith$50.00
SDM003March in G Major (2010)Blanco$48.00
100200070Two Pieces from Iphigenia in Aulis (2009)Gluck/Siennicki$50.00
BLA001Morning Prayer (2008)Blanco$50.00
TRN200111Carmel By the Sea (2007)Niehaus$50.00
TRN200245Trepak (2006)Niehaus$50.00
TRN9723Crestline SummitNiehaus$40.00
19585Ode to JoyBeethoven/Meyer$58.00
TRN200214Redlands OvertureNiehaus$50.00

Full Orchestra Level VI


TRN200515In a Manor Born (2014)Niehaus$50.00
TRN200315Knightsbury Arms (2013)Niehaus$55.00
TRN200004Oaks Overture (2012)Niehaus$40.00
TRN200245Trepak (2011)Niehaus$50.00
 Rigadon Processional (2010)Leidig    * out of print * 
YCO5Eden Ridge (2009)Clark$55.00
TRN200315Knightbury Arms (2008)Niehaus$55.00
TRN200515In a Manor Born (2007)Niehaus$50.00
TRN200214Redlands Overture (2006)Niehaus$50.00
TRN9723Crestline SummitNiehaus$50.00
BFO9812GloriosoSmith    * out of print * 
18291Hungarian Air & DanceDel Borgo$68.00
TRN200413Lynn RoadNiehaus$50.00
CO00212Overture to L'Amour MaladeLully/Goldsmith    * out of print * 
10200070Two Pieces from Iphigenia in AulisGluck/Siennicki$50.00

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