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0926-0-18617 Concerto or Concerto GrossoAlbinoni  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18618 Concerto or Concerto GrossoBach, C.P.E. Baren/FMD(two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18619 Concerto or Concerto GrossoBach, J.C. Baren/FMD(two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18620 Concerto or Concerto GrossoBach, J.S.  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18621 Concerto or Concerto GrossoBach, W.F.  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18622 Concerto or Concerto GrossoBoyce  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18623 Concerto or Concerto GrossoCorelli  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18624 Concerto or Concerto GrossoGeminiani Baren/FMD(two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18625 Concerto or Concerto GrossoHandel Baren/FMD(two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18626 Concerto or Concerto GrossoLocatelli  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-25862 Any String SinfoniaMendelssohn Kal (play one mvt)
0926-0-18627 Concerto or Concerto GrossoMendelssohn  (concerto or concerto grosso -two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18628 Concerto or Concerto GrossoMozart  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18629 Concerto or Concerto GrossoTelemann Baren/FMD(two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18630 Concerto or Concerto GrossoTorelli  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18631 Concerto or Concerto GrossoVitali  (two contrasting mvts)
0926-0-18632 Concerto or Concerto GrossoVivaldi  (two contrasting mvts)

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1926-1-25872 Prairie Lullaby Compello CF 
1926-1-18633 Little Classic SuiteAkers CF(play mvt 1 or 3)
1926-1-25863 Sword DanceArbeauPhillipsAlf 
1926-1-18635 Bach Suite for Sring OrchestraBachLeidigHE(play minuet)
1926-1-24971 BalletBachBrownSB 
1926-1-25864 Play (from For Children, No. 5)BartokKerkorianLSP 
1926-1-18637 Two PiecesBartokFrostLSP(play one)
1926-1-25865 Ode To JoyBeethovenCaponegro/ChaseKen 
1926-1-25866 The Heavens ResoundBeethovenClaude WJ 
1926-1-28286NewAn American HymnBillingsDel BorgoKen 
1926-1-18640 A Suite of English Folk SongsBoyle Che(play one)
1926-1-25867 Bow-Regard’s ParadeCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-25868 Canyon SunsetCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-25869 Doolin’ DigitsCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-28287NewFestival Choral and MarchCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-18643 Fiddling A-RoundCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-28288NewMerry-Go-RoundCaponegro Ken 
1926-1-18645 Festival March (from Music For String Classes)Carse Auge 
1926-1-18646 Bagatelle for StringsCechvala Sha 
1926-1-18647 Baroque MedleyCechvala Wynn(play le petit rien)
1926-1-25870 ButterflyChase LSP 
1926-1-18649 Cross CountryChase LSP 
1926-1-25871 Echo Canyon PolkaChase LSP 
1926-1-28289NewScottish BobberClark CF 
1926-1-28290NewMarch JubileeCook NAK 
1926-1-25873 Andover HolidayDel Borgo Ken 
1926-1-25874 Clog DanceDel Borgo Ken 
1926-1-25875 March HeroicDel Borgo NAK 
1926-1-18652 SonatineDel Borgo NAK 
1926-1-25876 St. Lawrence OvertureDel Borgo CF 
1926-1-25877 As an Eagle StirsEwing EPS 
1926-1-24995 Irish MedleyFeeseSchaefer Young 
1926-1-24998 March for StringsFeeseSchaeferYoung 
1926-1-24996 OvertureFeeseSchaefer Young 
1926-1-24999 Prelude and FugueFeeseSchaeferYoung 
1926-1-24994 Square DanceFeeseSchaefer Young 
1926-1-18653 Winter Wonderland SuiteFeeseStrubleYoung(play one)
1926-1-18655 Celtic SuiteFishburn WJ(play one)
1926-1-25878 Aspen FallsFrost LSP 
1926-1-18656 CapriceFrost SMC 
1926-1-18657 Day, Night and DayFrost Ken 
1926-1-24997 DaybreakFrostFeese/SchaeferYoung 
1926-1-25879 EchoesFrost LSP 
1926-1-18658 Star Valley SuiteFrost SMC(play mvt 1)
1926-1-18659 Fanfare for StringsGazda NAK 
1926-1-18642 March AlcesteGluckBrownSB 
1926-1-18660 Un Poco BaroccoGoldsmsith SMC 
1926-1-25880 Sailor’s SongGriegMyersLSP 
1926-1-18661 Two Grieg SongsGriegStephanKen(play one)
1926-1-28164 GavotteHandelBrownSB 
1926-1-18662 Handel in MiniatureHandelForbesChe(play # 1 or 4)
1926-1-18663 Laurel AlbumHandelBrownSB(play one from # 2, 4, or 6-8)
1926-1-24972 March ScipioHandelBrownSB 
1926-1-18664 Minuet (from Water Music)HandelWilliamsHE/Baren/FMD 
1926-1-18665 Selections (from the Fireworks Music)HandelFrostLSP/Baren/FMD(play minuet)
1926-1-18667 St. Anthony ChoraleHaydnDackowTempo 
1926-1-18668 Two DiversionsHofeldt NAK(play one)
1926-1-28291NewRegal OvertureHopkins GM 
1926-1-18669 Apollo SuiteIsaac Et(play one mvt)
1926-1-18671 Royal ProcessionalKeuning NAK 
1926-1-18672 Loch LomondKlauss Ken 
1926-1-18673 Strawberry FairKnight Che(play one)
1926-1-18674 Renaissance SuiteLeidig HE(play one)
1926-1-28292NewDragonhunterMeyer Alf 
1926-1-25881 Shadow DanceMeyer Alf 
1926-1-24969 O Mistress MineMorleyBrownSB 
1926-1-25882 All Strings AttachedNeihaus Ken 
1926-1-18676 Quixotic SketchNiehaus Ken 
1926-1-18677 ApacheNunez NAK 
1926-1-18679 Can-CanOffenbachMeyerHE 
1926-1-25883 AlgadoonPurcellNiehausKen 
1926-1-24970 MinuetPurcellBrownSB 
1926-1-18681 March TriumphantRuschSpinosaNAK 
1926-1-18685 Festival MarchSheinberg HE 
1926-1-18790 Baroque FugueSiennicki Et 
1926-1-18686 Suite for StringsSiennicki Et(play one)
1926-1-25884 Chorale FantasiaSimon FJH 
1926-1-25885 Wait your Turn! Spata Alf(percussion must be omitted)
1926-1-28293NewDory's WaltzStephan NAK 
1926-1-18687 Roundelay in DStephan NAK 
1926-1-25886 Autumn VariationsSwayze LME 
1926-1-28294NewTallis Canon and VariationsTallisCaponegroKen 
1926-1-28298NewAllegro (from Concerto for Two Trumpets)VivaldiPhillipsKen 
1926-1-18688 Three Rustic Dancesvon WeberGordonKen(play one mvt)
1926-1-18689 Espana WaltzWaldteufelIsaacWynn 
1926-1-18690 Dance Suite for StringsWhitney Bel(play one mvt)
1926-1-25887 Celtic DanceWilliams Alf 
1926-1-28299NewFiddles on FireWilliams Alf 
1926-1-25888 Sailor’s SongWilliams Alf 
1926-1-18691 Star DancerWilliams HE 
1926-1-28296NewBe Thou My Vision FrostKen 
1926-1-18644 British Grenadiers CaponegroKen 
1926-1-28295NewFlow Gently, Sweet Afton StrommenCF 
1926-1-18634 Folk-Songs for Strings, Set 2 AutonOx(play two mvts)
1926-1-25030 Go From My Window HareChe 
1926-1-25031 Greensleeves HareChe 
1926-1-25000 Men of Harlech ShapiroSha(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
1926-1-25001 Molly Malone ShapiroSha(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
1926-1-25032 Nobodyes Gigge HareChe 
1926-1-18648 Slovakian Dances CechvalaKen 
1926-1-24973 Swedish Dance BrownSB 
1926-1-28297NewSwing Low, Sweet Chariot FrostKen 
1926-1-25003 The Ash Grove ShapiroSha(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
1926-1-24991 The Greenwood Tree BenoyOx 
1926-1-24993 The Pirate’s Waltz and The Steamboat Waltz BenoyOx 
1926-1-18651 Ukranian Folk Songs DackowTempo(play one)

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22222926-2-18692 Little Classic SuiteAkers CF(play two mvts)
2926-2-28309NewSwedish RhapsodyAlfvenFishburnWJ 
2926-2-28019 HopakAlshin HE 
2926-2-18694 AirAubert CF 
2926-2-28310NewAnna's MinuetBachLongfieldHL 
2926-2-18635 Bach Suite for Sring OrchestraBachLeidigHE(play March or Gavotte)
2926-2-24987 BalletBachBrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18696 Brandenburg Concerto No. 2BachIsaacAlf/Baren/FMD(play mvt 1)
2926-2-18697 Brandenburg Concerto No. 5BachIsaacHE/Baren/FMD(play mvt 1)
2926-2-18698 Chorale and MinuetBachDel BorgoHE 
2926-2-25019 MenuettoBachGordonWit 
2926-2-18699 The Bedfont AlbumBachBrownSB(play two)
2926-2-18636 Two PiecesBartokFrostKen(play all)
2926-2-25018 Love SongBeethovenGordonWit 
2926-2-18702 BoulderollicksBerger SumB(play one mvt)
2926-2-25890 Dance of the Maidens (from the opera Prince Igor)BorodinWagnerBel(must have harp or piano)
2926-2-18703 Jakiana SuiteBosmans ELK(play one mvt)
2926-2-25020 MenuetBoyceGordonWit 
2926-2-18704 A Suite of English Folk SongsBoyle Che(play two selections)
2926-2-25017 Like Melodies EnchantingBrahmsGordonWit(vlc section soli)
2926-2-18705 Symphony No. 4BrahmsLeidigAlf(play mvt 1)
2926-2-18706 Rustic DancesBrown Che(play one)
2926-2-18641 The Arundel SuiteBrown SB(play one)
2926-2-18708 El ToroBrubaker HE 
2926-2-25891 Jericho JourneyBulla FJH 
2926-2-18709 Ten Short PiecesCalabro EV(play two)
2926-2-25016 Les Fetes VenitiennesCampraGordonWit 
2926-2-18711 Carpathian StringsCechvala Wynn 
2926-2-28311NewAir and CapriceClark CF 
2926-2-25892 ContredanseClark Bel 
2926-2-25893 Out of  WinterClark CF 
2926-2-18713 CorellianaCorelliHuntCF(play one mvt)
2926-2-25005 Sarabande and CorrenteCorelliBarnesPro 
2926-2-25023 SonataCorelliGordonWit 
2926-2-18715 Air and DanceDaniels NAK(play one)
2926-2-18716 Cello RondoDaniels NAK 
2926-2-18717 McAllen SuiteDaniels SMC(play two)
2926-2-18718 Rondo CapriceDaniels Ken 
2926-2-18719 Spring SongDaniels NAK 
2926-2-18720 Three Miniatures for StringsDaniels NAK(play one)
2926-2-18721 Dance ScenarioDel Borgo Ken 
2926-2-18722 Highridge OvertureDel Borgo Ken 
2926-2-18723 Irish SuiteDel Borgo Ken(play all)
2926-2-18724 Petite OvertureDel Borgo Ken 
2926-2-25894 Rustic DanceDel Borgo Ken 
2926-2-18725 Sinfonia in G MajorDel Borgo Ken 
2926-2-28171 Slavonic LegendDel Borgo HE 
2926-2-18727 The Gypsy RoverDel Borgo HE 
2926-2-18728 Rondo (from Sonatina in B Op.151)DiabelliSiennickiHE 
2926-2-18729 Kingbridge MarchDyson NAK 
2926-2-18730 Prelude, Passacaglia, FugueElliot Wynn(play one)
2926-2-18731 Concerto GrossoFarish MMC(play one mvt)
2926-2-18732 Colorado SuiteFeese Young(play one)
2926-2-18733 Winter Wonderland SuiteFeeseStrubleYoung(play two)
2926-2-18734 Celtic SuiteFishburn WJ(play two)
2926-2-18735 Anagram for StringsForsblad HL 
2926-2-18736 Four Short PiecesFranckCorinaSMC(play one)
2926-2-25007 Prelude and DanseFranckBarnesPro 
2926-2-25895 AccentsFrost NAK 
2926-2-18737 ContrastsFrost SMC 
2926-2-18738 HornpipeFrost SMC 
2926-2-18739 Red River RapidsFrost Ken 
2926-2-25896 The Dory AnneFrost Ken 
2926-2-18741 Appalachian SunriseGazda NAK 
2926-2-18742 Desert ChimesGazda NAK 
2926-2-24983 March AlcesteGluckBrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25897 Tres Valses PoeticosGranadosMcQuilkinNAK(play mvt 1 or 2)
2926-2-18744 Two Grieg SongsGriegStephanKen(play both)
2926-2-18745 Rhineland Musical ScenesHalen WJ(play one)
2926-2-25012 Air and BoureeHandelGordonWit 
2926-2-24984 GavotteHandelBrown/BarnesSB/Pro(must also play one additional selection from this collection)/sb
2926-2-18662 Handel in MiniatureHandelForbesChe(play # 2, 3, or 5)
2926-2-18746 Hornpipe (from Water Music)HandelMeyerHE 
2926-2-18747 Little FugueHandelSiennickiEt 
2926-2-24988 March ScipioHandelBrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18748 Overture (from the Royal Fireworks Music)HandelMeyerHE 
2926-2-18749 Sarabande (from Suite No. 4, Vol. 2)HandelMyersLSP 
2926-2-18665 Selections (from the Fireworks Music)HandelFrostLSP(play the rejoicing or bouree)
2926-2-18750 Water Music SuiteHandelEtlingHE(play mvt 1, 2, or 3)
2926-2-18752 MenuetHaydn CF 
2926-2-25022 RondoHaydnGordonWit 
2926-2-18753 Sinfonietta in G majorHaydnBauernschmidtSha(play two)
2926-2-25898 Belvedere SuiteIsaac Alf(play one mvt)
2926-2-18754 Quinto-Quarto SuiteIsaac HE(play mvt 1, 3 or 4)
2926-2-18755 Dorian VariationsIsrael Lud 
2926-2-25899 Petite TangoKriechbaum Alf 
2926-2-18757 Symphony EspagnoleLaloAlshinHE(Rondo)
2926-2-18758 Renaissance SuiteLeidig HE(play two)
2926-2-18760 Forgotten Fairy Tale No. 1MacDowell JTL 
2926-2-18761 A Modal FestivalMarsh HL 
2926-2-18762 CarnivalMatesky CF 
2926-2-18763 Norse SongMatesky CF 
2926-2-18764 Sailor's SongMatesky CF 
2926-2-18765 ScherzoMatesky CF 
2926-2-18766 Concert March and Danse AntiqueMazasIsaacBou(play one mvt)
2926-2-28312NewPainted DesertMcGintyMullinsQue 
2926-2-25900 Prelude and DanceMcGintyMullinsQUE 
2926-2-18767 An English FolksongMcQuilkin NAK 
2926-2-18768 Salisbury OvertureMcQuilkin NAK 
2926-2-18769 Fanfare and CoronationMeyer HE 
2926-2-18770 Geometric DancesMeyer HE(play two)
2926-2-25901 Sahara CrossingMeyer Alf 
2926-2-28313NewCrossing Pirates' CoveMonday NAK 
2926-2-24985 O Mistress MineMorleyBrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25025 Two German DancesMozartGordonWit 
2926-2-18772 Candleberry BayNiehaus Ken 
2926-2-18773 Carroll CountyNiehaus Ken 
2926-2-28314NewMinuet and GalliardNiehaus Ken 
2926-2-18775 Little SymphonyNunez NAK 
2926-2-18678 String SwingNunez Sha 
2926-2-25902 Moonlight ShadowsO’Loughlin CF 
2926-2-25903 Two Modal SketchesO’Reilly Alf(play one mvt)
2926-2-18778 Orpheus in the Underworld FinaleOffenbachDackowTempo 
2926-2-18776 A Shaker HymmO'Reilly HE 
2926-2-18777 Ballade and ScherzoO'Reilly HE 
2926-2-18780 Suite in CPleyelHalenSMC(play one mvt)
2926-2-18781 Petit EtudePochon CF 
2926-2-18782 Midnight TangoPordon NAK 
2926-2-18783 Dorchester Street SongsPorter NAK(play one)
2926-2-25904 Double Dealer SuitePurcellStassevitchLML(play mvt 1)
2926-2-25905 English SuitePurcellFishburnWJ(play one mvt, opt harp or piano)

2926-2-24986 MinuetPurcellBrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18784 Purcell in MiniaturePurcellForbesChe(play two)
2926-2-25906 Village DanceRameauGordonKen 
2926-2-18785 Antique Dances and AirsRespighiAlshinKen(play mvts 1 & 3 or mvts 2 & 3)
2926-2-25006 Dance (from the Czar’s Bride)Rimsky-KorsakovBarnesPro 
2926-2-18787 Dance of the Tumblers (from Snow Maiden)Rimsky-KorsakovDackowTempo 
2926-2-25907 ScheherazadeRimsky-KorsakovFrostKen 
2926-2-25908 The Sound of StringsRobinson LME 
2926-2-25909 Finale (from Overture to William Tell )RossiniDackowTemp 
2926-2-25024 SonataScarlattiGordonWit 
2926-2-25013 Ballet MusicSchubertGordonWit 
2926-2-18788 Schubert Dance SuiteSchubertFrostKen(play mvt 1 or 3)
2926-2-25021 NocturneSchumannGordonWit 
2926-2-29582NewThree Schumann PiecesSchumannJoseph PhillipsKen(play two pieces)
2926-2-18682 Westminster Prelude and FugueShaffer LSP 
2926-2-18683 Variations on a GroundShapiro NAK 
2926-2-28315NewSunburstSilva CF 
2926-2-25910 Folk SongSimon FJH 
2926-2-25911 Country Wedding (from The Mouldau)SmetanaDackowLUD 
2926-2-25912 Dance CelebrationSmith Bel(must have piano or harp accomp)
2926-2-18791 Prelude on an Early American Folk Hymn Smith WJ 
2926-2-28317NewAvatarSpata Alf 
2926-2-25913 CrusaderSpata Alf 
2926-2-25914 Las Mariposas Exoticas Spata Alf 
2926-2-18793 Fanfare and FripperyStephan LSP(play both)
2926-2-28354NewFanfare and Frippery, No. 2Stephan NAK(play ‘Fanfare’ only)
2926-2-18796 Czech Song and DanceTownsend Che 
2926-2-25915 Three Pieces (from Album for the Young)TschaikovskyGruselleAlf(play one mvt)

2926-2-18797 Trepak (from Nutcracker Suite)TschaikowskyDackowLud 
2926-2-25916 Concerto In D Major for Harp and String OrchestraVivaldiMooreFC(mvt 1 or 3, must have harp only, no piano)
2926-2-25026 Winter EveningVivaldiGordonWit(vln solo)
2926-2-25015 Invocationvon GluckGordonWit 
2926-2-25014 Country Dancevon WeberGordonWit 
2926-2-25917 March of the Meistersingers (from the Opera Die Meistersinger)WagnerDackowLUD 
2926-2-18798 Serenade for StringsWashburn Ox(play one mvt)
2926-2-18799 Song and DanceWashburn BH(play dance)
2926-2-18800 Dance Suite for StringsWhitney Bel(play two mvts)
2926-2-18801 Dorian VariationsWilliams HE 
2926-2-18650 All Through the Night DabczynskiBH 
2926-2-18786 Antique Dance Suite RhoadsWynn(play two mvts)
2926-2-25034 Artsa Alinu ShapiroCWU(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-28318NewDabbling in the Dew AtwellNAK 
2926-2-24992 Galopede BenoyOx 
2926-2-25027 Go From My Window HareChe(must also play one additional tune from this collection)
2926-2-25028 Greensleeves HareChe(must also play one additional tune from this collection)
2926-2-25039 Hail the Sun! SontagGMC(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25033 Hatikva ShapiroCWU(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18710 Highland Song CaponegroKen 
2926-2-25037 Join the Dance SontagGMC(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25035 K’ruim Anu ShapiroCWU(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25041 Maddalena and the Bagpipes SontagGMC(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25029 Nobodyes Gigge HareChe(must also play one additional tune from this collection)
2926-2-25036 Shalom Chaverim ShapiroCWU(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25889 Shenandoah Shaffer  LSP 
2926-2-25040 Song of the Vermland SontagGMC(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-24989 Swedish Dance BrownSB(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-25002 The Campbells are Coming ShapiroSha(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18670 The Cremona String Ensemble Folio JohnsonCF(play two)
2926-2-18707 The Edric Album BrownSB(play two)
2926-2-25038 The Silver Ring SontagGMC(must also play one additional selection from this collection)
2926-2-18712 Three Czech Songs CechvalaSMC(play two) (opt advanced vln)

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926-3-25932 Viola Rondo Daniels SMC 
3926-3-25978 Six Italian Dances Warlock LML(play two mvts)
3926-3-25923 Variations on a Theme by Tschaikowsky, Op. 35Arensky Kal(play theme & one variation)
3926-3-25924 American GaelicAtwell NAK 
3926-3-25925 Barocca Atwell LME 
3926-3-28328NewKentucky JamAtwell Alf 
3926-3-18802 Modus á 4Atwell NAK 
3926-3-28020 Concerto in e minorAvisonGlassAMP(play two contrasting mvts)
3926-3-25065 Andante (from Quartet No. 3 Op. 1)BachPochonCF 
3926-3-25010 Andante Op. No. 2BachBarnesPro 
3926-3-25052 BadinerieBachClarkeBM 
3926-3-18695 BourreeBachMuller/FinkNAK 
3926-3-18804 Brandenburg Concerto No. 3BachIsaacEt/Baren/FMD(play mvt 1 or 2)
3926-3-25926 Concerto in D MajorBachIssacAlf 
3926-3-25927 Concerto in d minorBachIssacAlf 
3926-3-18805 Gavotte-Rondo (from Sixth Violin Sonata)BachIsaacWynn 
3926-3-25928 March (from the Notebook for Anna Magdalena Bach)BachKerkorianLSP 
3926-3-25064 SarabandeBachPochonCF 
3926-3-28403NewSheep May Safely Graze (from Cantata 208, BWV 208)BachDishingerMMP 
3926-3-18807 Sinfonia in D MajorBachDackowTemp 
3926-3-18806 Two GavottesBach CF 
3926-3-28329NewYorkshire BalladBarnes SMC 
3926-3-18809 Adagio Cantabile (from Pathetique Sonata)BeethovenGruselleHE 
3926-3-18810 Rondo FestivoBell HE 
3926-3-18811 BoulderollicksBerger SumB(play two mvts)
3926-3-18812 Diversion for StringsBerger EA 
3926-3-18813 Petite SuiteBerger SumB(play one)
3926-3-18814 Symphony for StringsBishop NAK(play one)
3926-3-18815 Farandole (from L’Arlesienne Suite No. 2)BizetIsaacHE 
3926-3-25929 The Toreador Song (from Carmen, Suite No. 1)BizetFrostKen 
3926-3-18816 Jakiana SuiteBosmans ELK(play two mvts)
3926-3-18819 Hungarian Dance No. 5BrahmsIsaacHE 
3926-3-18706 Rustic DancesBrown Che(play two)
3926-3-25930 Fantasy on American ThemesBryant NAK 
3926-3-18820 Theme and VariationsBryant NAK 
3926-3-18821 Two Old DancesByrd CF 
3926-3-28330NewAndante for StringsCacavas HL 
3926-3-28331NewFinal QuestChisham Alf 
3926-3-28332NewQuintusClark CF 
3926-3-18824 SonatinaClementiErranteLud(play mvt 1 or 3)
3926-3-18825 CorellianaCorelliHuntCF(play two mvts)
3926-3-25058 CorrenteCorelliClarkeBM 
3926-3-25049 MenuettoCorelliClarkeBM 
3926-3-18826 Sonata da ChiesaCorelliGlassAMP(play one)
3926-3-18827 Sonata de Camera, Opera Quarta, No. 7 and 8CorelliBrownSB(play two contrasting mvts)
3926-3-18714 ReverieCorigiliano Sha 
3926-3-25054 CorrenteCorrelliClarkeBM 
3926-3-25067 Grave, Allegrodall'AbacoPochonCF 
3926-3-25009 CapriceDanbeBarnesPro 
3926-3-18828 Rondo CapriceDanelaKlotmanMil 
3926-3-18829 Air and DanceDaniels NAK(play all)
3926-3-25931 Cello Song Daniels LME 
3926-3-18830 Pendleton SuiteDaniels HE(play mvt 3 - kondo)
3926-3-28333NewString ChatterDaniels NAK 
3926-3-25933 Russian Gypsy SongDardess Ken 
3926-3-28334NewReverie for String OrchestraDay GM 
3926-3-25934 Arlington SketchesDel Borgo Alf 
3926-3-18831 Suite for StringsDiercks Sha(play two mvts)
3926-3-18832 Three Slavonic DancesDvorakIsaacEt 
3926-3-18833 Creekland ColorsDyson NAK 
3926-3-25935 Song for StringsEdmondsonMullinsNAK/Que 
3926-3-18834 Prelude, Passacaglia, FugueElliot Wynn(play two)
3926-3-18835 Concerto GrossoFarish MMC(play two mvts)
3926-3-18836 Contrasts in e minorFeese Young 
3926-3-18837 Saison de CordesFeese Young 
3926-3-18838 Folk Tune and Fiddle DanceFletcher BH/Kal(play one)
3926-3-28335NewFolk Tune and Fiddle DanceFletcher BH(’Fiddle Dance” only)
3926-3-18736 Four Short PiecesFranckCorinaSMC(play mvt 2, 3, or 4)
3926-3-25936 Two Six-Part Intradas for StringsFranckScheringLML(play one)
3926-3-18839 ToccataFrescobaldiHigginsNAK 
3926-3-18840 Canzon and FugaFrobergerKinderrnan/FrostNAK(play both)
3926-3-18841 DialogueFrost NAK 
3926-3-18842 PyramidsFrost SMC 
3926-3-18658 Star Valley SuiteFrost SMC(play mvt 2 or 3)
3926-3-25937 Three BagatellesFry SMC(play giocoso)
3926-3-25938 Willow-Wood Copse, A dreamy waltzGazda CF 
3926-3-28337NewRussian Sailors' DanceGilereCaponegroKen 
3926-3-18843 Prelude and Fugue in e minorGordonApplebaumBel(play either)
3926-3-18844 Shepherd's HeyGraingerAlshinAlf 
3926-3-25939 Tres Valses PoeticosGranadosMcQuilkinNAK(play mvt 1 & 2 or mvt 3)
3926-3-18845 Over the Sea to SkyeGruselle HE 
3926-3-18846 Rhineland Musical ScenesHalen WJ(play two)
3926-3-25059 AirHandelClarkeBM 
3926-3-18847 Allegro (from Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 1)HandelDackowTempo
3926-3-25940 ChaconneHandelMyersTRN 
3926-3-18848 Entrance of the Queen of ShebaHandelMateskyOp4 
3926-3-18849 Finale (from Water Music)HandelDouglas/SontagSF 
3926-3-25063 Gavotte (from Rodrigo)HandelPochonCF 
3926-3-25060 GigueHandelClarkeBM 
3926-3-25051 La RejouissanceHandel